With the emergence of ChatGPT, more and more people are shifting towards using AI tools for writing and generating content at work. But a common question arises when we think about writing with AI tools. Will AI-generated content rank on Google? This article will provide some timely insight into the question and will provide you with an overview of how to write content with Jasper, one of the most popular content-writing AI tools available today. With a little human touch, you can edit AI-generated content, making it look like human writing, so Google will never know the difference.

AI Content Writing with Jasper AI

Google’s View of AI-Generated Content

As the most powerful provider of search services, Google is focused on providing the maximum value to its users, which means relevant content for every search is important. Recently Google has expressed concerns about AI-generated content, ranging from websites built with AI to pages that may deceive or manipulate search engine results. Google always had a clear stance against automatically generated content. John Mueller, the search advocate of Google, clarified that Google would consider any AI-generated content as against the webmaster guidelines and refer to it as spam and will de-rank them. But the question is whether Google is skilled enough to detect content generated by AI. The answer to this is somewhat yes and no.

Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content

Google’s technology is undoubtedly amazing. It has improved its algorithms for years to give us relevant search results and a streamlined browsing experience. However, one thing that remains to be seen is if Google can detect AI-generated content on the web. It’s an interesting concept as AI is becoming increasingly advanced, and automated content creation is becoming a more popular trend. While some experts think that Google will eventually be able to pick out AI-generated content from other web pages, only time will tell how this challenge will be addressed.

John Mueller described it as a cat-and-mouse game in reply to whether Google can detect AI-generated content. “I don’t know how the future will evolve there, but I imagine, like with any other of these technologies, there will be a little bit of a cat and mouse game, where sometimes people will do something, and they get away with it, and then the webspam team catches up and solves that issue on a broader scale.”

For now, it’s in the early stages of figuring out how Google will handle differentiation between human and AI-generated content. Only time will tell how things will go, but for now, there are things you can do to ensure your content ranks well on Google, even if you’re using AI tools to help create it.

One of the most popular AI writing tools on the market is Jasper. This powerful and versatile tool has gained widespread recognition for its ability to generate high-quality, engaging, and SEO-optimized content in a matter of minutes. By leveraging advanced natural language processing algorithms and machine learning, Jasper streamlines content creation, saving businesses and individuals time and effort. Whether you need blog posts, social media updates, or ad copy, Jasper is the go-to solution for a wide range of content needs, helping users stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Content with Jasper

One of our favorite AI tools for content creation is Jasper. Jasper is a well-known AI tool for writing content from paragraphs, blog posts, ad descriptions, press releases, and truly anything you can imagine needing for your business. With over 50 templates, Jasper AI is trained to write compelling content on your topic in a high-quality, accurate way. Here is the step-by-step walkthrough on how to create content using Jasper that looks similar to human-written content that can rank on Google.

Write Articles with Ease using Jasper.ai

Choose a Topic

Firstly, you will need a topic to write a blog post or article on Jaspe. If you don’t have a specific topic in mind but know some keywords you want to write a blog on, then you can use the Jasper blog post topic ideas template. This template will help you generate compelling blog post topic ideas for you. Then you can select a topic that you’re excited to write a blog about.

In Jasper, you can write about anything you like, but remember that AI tools are blind. By blind, it means they are dependent on the command. If your command is incomplete or incorrect, then any AI tool, including Jasper, cannot generate accurate content for you as it cannot correct your mistakes. So, your command must be simple and something Jasper can easily understand so that Jasper can generate appropriate content for you. A good rule of thumb is to state specifically what you want Jasper to write, using language that’s appropriate for a 5th grader to understand! 

Do Some Research on Your Topic

Once you have a topic, it is time to do some research. It’s helpful to know what other people are saying about your chosen topic and what information is already out there on the internet. This can be done by searching for your topic on Google, reading articles on the subject, and watching videos. Doing research is necessary to provide that human touch that you need in your article, so it is not detectable as AI generated by Google. The research will provide you with a full understanding of what kind of information is already available on Google about your topic and what things you want to include in your article.

Create an Outline

After your research, it is time to create an outline for your blog post. Your outline should include the main points that you want to make and the supporting information for each point. Creating an outline will help you to stay on track as you write your blog post. For outline generation, there is a specific template available in Jasper. It will help you to create a list of points to include in your article. Generally speaking, these points will provide 3-5 lines of text about the topic. You will then build upon the outline and these points to help flesh out your article.

Write Your Introduction

The next step for you is to write your blog post introduction. The introduction is the main part to grab the readers’ attention as it gives them an overview of what they can expect from your blog post. Keep your introduction short and sweet so readers will want to continue reading. There is a specified template for intro paragraphs in Jasper, so you can use that to get started. Remember that if a fact is stated or any statistics are provided in your content copy, you should check it online. Most of the time, they are accurate, but sometimes Jasper does not provide you with accurate content in this regard, so it is a must to check them and source them accordingly.     

Write Your Body Paragraphs.

Once you have written your introduction, it is time to write the body of your blog post. Each paragraph should focus on one main point that you want to make about your chosen topic, as you have already outlined the blog post heading and subheading. You can put those subheadings in the paragraph template. In paragraph templates, you must always remember that if you are writing about a subheading of your blog post, Jasper does not know the context of that. So, you have to define what it is about in the commands section. By that, Jasper knows how to run and write content relevant to the previously generated content.

Write Your Conclusion

After you have written the body of your blog post, it is time to write your conclusion. The conclusion should have all the topics summarized that are present in the blog post and leave readers with something to think about. Be sure to end your blog post positively so readers will want to return for more. Moreover, if you are writing about any service provider, include CTAs in the conclusion, as it is important for the reader to know what to do next. You can get CTA ideas by providing relevant commands to Jasper.

AI Article Writing with Jasper.ai

Edit and Proofread Your Work.

Editing and proofreading AI content is the critical part of making sure your content will rank on Google! In editing and proofreading, you provide the human touch to your content. Jasper can provide you with top-notch content regarding your topic, but your own human experience and insight help make the content amazing. While proofreading, you must read it like a viewer. Look for sentences that might look like fluff. You should edit content considering that each sentence correlates with the previous one, making the content look more human-written. Similarly, look for connecting the headings so that the whole piece of content makes sense in its entirety.

Focus on increasing the readability of the text you have generated. Sometimes AI-generated is low in readability. But for Google, higher readability is important as it has a better chance of ranking.       

Overall, before publishing your blog post, editing, and proofreading your work is important. This will ensure no errors in your writing and that everything flows smoothly. You can edit and proofread your work or hire another person for this task. Fiverr is a great place for sourcing talented and skilled content writers who can improve AI-generated content.

Publish Your Blog Post!

The final step in writing a blog with Jasper AI is to publish your blog post! Once the editing and proofreading of your work are finished, hit the “publish” button and watch as your blog post goes live!

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