How to Repurpose Your Content Using AI

As a business owner or content creator, you already understand the significance of creating quality content. However, the challenge lies in producing a continuous stream of innovative content that resonates with your audience and targets various platforms efficiently. If you’re struggling with producing fresh and quality content, learning to repurpose your content can be an excellent solution.

In this blog post, we will breakdown the process of how to repurpose your content with Jasper. Jasper is an AI-powered content writing tool that can be your ultimate savior when it comes to transforming existing assets into various other formats. Once you learn the process of reworking and repurposing your content, you’ll find that it saves you a lot of time and energy and increases engagement with your audience.

Step 1 – Add to Knowledge Base

The first step to repurposing your content is to train Jasper on the different pieces of assets.  

Think of your knowledge base as your library of reference materials for Jasper. If you are specifically looking to repurpose copy, you’ll want to put it into your knowledge base. Maybe it’s a PDF of a long form blog post or it’s some text of an email or a social post. It can even be a technical document or even a URL of a blog post. This is how Jasper will reference what you want to be repurposed.

You can click “Add to Knowledge Base” to teach Jasper about your existing pieces of content, so the tool can easily locate them for repurposing.

Repurpose Your Content - Jasper Knowledge Base

By doing this, Jasper can generate new ideas tailored to your business. The more Jasper understands about your niche, the better the results will be when you repurpose your content.

Step 2 – Configure Brand Voice

The second step is to ensure that your Jasper account is calibrated to fit your brand’s voice. Configuring your account to your brand voice will help Jasper create content that fits with your business’s tone and messaging.

Repurpose content - Brand Voice

You can adjust the account’s settings to adjust for gender, brand language, and other attributes that are specific to your business. Once you have configured your account settings, Jasper will be able to create content that is tailored to your business’s voice.

Step 3 – Start Creating

Open up a blank document and click the blue “Create Content” button to get started. With Jasper’s assistance, you can repurpose an existing piece of content into multiple other formats. If you are editing existing content, Jasper’s smart editor will help you find errors or areas that could be strengthened with more relevant content.

Repurpose content with Jasper - Create Content

From within the document, you can start accessing Jasper’s chat functionality to begin repurposing your content.

Step 4 – Set Your Audience

The next step is to specify the audiences you want Jasper to target. Initiating a persona setting can help you analyze the users you’re writing for. Jasper can cater to the interests of different consumer segments and create tailored content for them.

From the chat function within your blank document, ask Jasper to “create your target persona” (ex: your company’s customer). You can enhance the prompt with the three sparkles to get the curated persona for your new content. TIP: Hit the bookmark icon and add this persona to your knowledge base if you know you’ll have Jasper reference it over and over again.

Repurpose Content with Jasper - Set your audience

By clicking on the megaphone icon, you can pick your target audience and blog persona to ensure that every piece of content crafted satisfies the needs of your readers. This will also assist in making sure that each article is tailored to fit their interests and needs.

Step 5 – Ideate

Ask Jasper to generate new ideas for repurposing an existing blog post into different formats for specific audiences. Jasper can help you come up with ideas for videos, infographics, and even podcasts! Try it now to see what kind of creative ideas Jasper can generate.

Don’t just stop at blogging – get creative with your content by using Jasper’s suggestions. You can use his ideas to create content that is more engaging for different audiences. For example:

  • I can give Jasper the prompt to rework an existing blog post and make it more relevant to our target audience and more specific to modern day. I can prompt Jasper expand on topics and trends that our audience is interested in and use this blog post as a platform to do so.

Step 6 -Repurpose Old Content

Once you’ve created the first repurposed asset, you can continue to repurpose this content into new assets. For instance, ask Jasper to create a social media series for social media users on Instagram and Facebook under the campaign hashtag associated with the newly created piece of content.

Repurpose Old Content with Jasper

Here you can also repurpose those social media series for a new channel like LinkedIn or Twitter. Just hover over the captions and click on the new channel to have the content reworked. Simply click “add copy” rather than replace and you have your new assets.

Repurpose your content for social media

Step 7 – Experiment

If you are willing to go an extra mile, Jasper will surprise you with an entirely new idea for creating unique assets from repurposed content. You can experiment with creating video tutorials, podcast suggestions, ebook ideas, and email series based on Jasper’s suggestions.

Jasper’s repurposing capabilities are limitless, and with every idea, you open up new avenues to showcase your content, generate traffic to your website, and ultimately, increase your business’s sales and revenue.


In conclusion, Jasper’s content repurposing abilities can help elevate your brand’s content marketing strategy. Jasper’s AI capabilities provide an exceptional tool to simplify marketing efforts, save time, and create diverse, compelling content to engage your target audiences. Adapting your specific tone of voice that supports the messaging to your audience is critical to achieving your goals. By empowering yourself with Jasper’s advanced technology, you can take on new repurposing challenges and unlock more opportunities for your business. Give Jasper a try and effectively transform your content marketing strategy for the better.

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